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Oral Histories of the 1989 SCI Camp Hill Riots 

Aaron, Tom (PDF)(MP3)
Beard, Jeffrey (PDF only)
Bickell, Tabb (PDF)(MP3)
Chimienti, Nicholas Jr. (PDF)(MP3)
Comiskey, Bernie (PDF)(MP3)
Farney, Dave (PDF)(MP3)
Flowers, Kathy (PDF)(MP3)
Harrison, William (PDF)(MP3)
Hildebrand, Rex (PDF)(MP3)
Kambic, Jerry (PDF)(MP3)
Kashmere, Diane (PDF)(MP3)
Kelchner, Donald (PDF only)
Klock, Ronald (PDF only)
Kostelac, Gere (PDF)(MP3)
Labecki, Lee Ann (PDF)(MP3)
Leidy, Mike (PDF)(MP3)
McCullough, John (PDF)(MP3)
McCullough, Tracey (PDF)(MP3)
McNaughton, Susan (PDF only)
Miller, Joe (PDF)(MP3)
Morrison, Linda (PDF)(MP3)
Neyhard, Jack (PDF)(MP3)
Palakovich, John (PDF)(MP3)
Quigley, Michelle (PDF)(MP3)
Rhoades, William (PDF)(MP3)
Rice, Francis (PDF)(MP3)
Rogosky, Thomas (PDF)(MP3)
Rudon, David (PDF)(MP3) 
Sellers, Jack (PDF)(MP3)
Shade, Denise (PDF)(MP3)
Shumaker, Ted (PDF)(MP3)
Shutt, JD (PDF)(MP3) 
Smith, Andrew Fred (PDF)(MP3)
Smith, Sammy (PDF)(MP3)
Sprenkle, William (PDF)(MP3)
Thornsley, W. Scott (PDF)(MP3)
Varner, Ben (PDF)(MP3)
Venesky, Bernie (PDF)(MP3)
Warren, Dave (PDF)(MP3)
White, Greg (PDF)(MP3)
White, Jeff (PDF)(MP3)
White, Greg and Zimmerman, Charles (PDF) (MP3)
Wilcox, Iris (PDF)(MP3)
Williams, Robert J. Jr. "Rocket" (PDF)(MP3)
Wingert, Clarence John (PDF)(MP3)

If you are someone who was personally involved in the 1989 SCI Camp Hill riot, and if you would like to share your memories on this page, please contact: Ryan Tarkowski, 717-728-4045 or