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General Information

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries operates under the state-use system—a system under which inmates can produce goods and services only for consumption by governments and other tax-supported entities.  New customers should contact our Customer Service department to set up their customer account and to receive more information on the products and services that are best suited for them.



The price list from the catalog sections supersedes all previous price lists distributed by PCI.  Prices are subject to change without notice, and some products and delivery services may involve additional charges.  To avoid any misunderstandings or delays in production, you are advised to contact your PCI Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department at 717.425.7292 from 8:00am to 4:30pm on any business day.  All PCI product and service prices, to the best of our knowledge, represent fair market value when compared to similar products and services available commercially.  Prices are reviewed in this context on a regular basis.


Shipping, Handling and Delivery Services

Many PCI products include standard UPS delivery.  Oversize or heavy products and items shipped using common carriers are subject to added freight charges.  Please note that additional shipping when it is required is noted in the product description.  Many items in the Services section of the catalog will designate whether shipping needs to be included.  For shipping quotes on these products call your Sales and Marketing Representative at 717.425.7292.

Special crating, custom packaging, and installation services are available at an additional charge.

Our standard delivery is to the receiving dock only.  We offer inside delivery, unpacking, assembly, set-up and installation services at an additional charge.  Please specify these services in advance.  Charges will be quoted to you upon request.


How to Order

Orders can be submitted with the signed order form available here to:

               PCI Customer Service
               P.O. Box 47
               Camp Hill, PA 17001-0047

To fax an order, complete your order form including any special instructions and fax it to us at 717.425.7291 or email it to


ALL faxed orders must contain correct PCI material numbers and:

1.      Name of item or detailed description

2.      Quantity

3.      Specify colors, dimensions or options

4.      List price per unit and any extensions

5.      Total order price

6.      BILLING information including the name and address of the institution or government unit to be billed

7.      SHIPPING information including the name and address of the institution or government unit to be shipped

8.      Signature and title of authorizing official issuing the order


Placing an Order

To ensure that your Pennsylvania Correctional Industries products are delivered as accurately and promptly as possible, you will need an accurate order form.  Please be sure that your order includes:

1.      Correct item number from the catalog guide, followed with the fabric color, wood finish or paint color and the number filled in.  The item code numbers and colors available are shown in each section of the catalog

2.      A short text description of the article

3.      Correct price.  If you are unsure about the price of item please contact our Customer Service department at 717.425.7292 from 8:00am to 4:30pm on any business day

4.      Name and phone numbers of main contact person who can answer questions about details of the order, if needed

5.      Name and phone number of contact person at the Ship to Location who has direct and detailed knowledge of the delivery.  Not having this information can delay deliveries


Special/Custom Orders

Special requests are always welcome.  Our shops can accommodate unusual sizes and colors as well as customized equipment and installations.  Submit your specifications in detail (with drawings if necessary) and PCI will confirm your order and deliver a quotation.  Production will begin after receipt of a signed order form.  Delivery will be contingent upon production schedules and availability of raw materials.  Custom orders cannot be cancelled, refused nor returned after written acceptance of quotation.