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Order Form
A copy of the Pennsylvania Correctional Industries order form can be found here. 
All completed order forms must be sent to:
PCI Customer Service
                P.O. Box 47
                Camp Hill, PA 17001-0047
To ensure that your Pennsylvania Correctional Industries products are delivered as accurately and promptly as possible, you will need an accurate order form.  Please be sure that your order includes:
1.       Correct item number from the catalog guide, followed with the fabric color, wood finish or paint color and the number filled in.  The item code numbers and colors available are shown in each section of the catalog
2.       A short text description of the article
3.       Correct price.  If you are unsure about the price of item please contact our Customer Service department at 717.425.7292 from 8:00am to 4:30pm on any business day
4.       Name and phone numbers of main contact person who can answer questions about details of the order, if needed
5.       Name and phone number of contact person at the Ship to Location who has direct and detailed knowledge of the delivery.  Not having this information can delay deliveries