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 Customer Support

 PCI provides product and service support to our customers, from the point of identifying the right product or service to meet a customer need to the repair or replacement of that product, if required.  Please review the list below outlining areas of assistance available as well as the methods available to contact PCI.




Customer Feedback/Report a Problem

  Please feel free to use any of the three methods listed below to make PCI aware of the problem(s) you are experiencing.

Warranty Repair or Replacement Requests

 To schedule warranty repairs or replacement, please complete the Warranty Repair/Replacement Requests Form, or contact PCI Customer Service directly at 717.425.7292.  One of our Customer Service Representatives will contact your agency directly to schedule appropriate repairs or return.



Customer Survey

 Have you recently received a product or service from Pennsylvania Correctional Industries?  If so, we would like to hear from you!  Our online Customer Survey gives you the opportunity to rate our performance in the areas of sales support, customer service, delivery and installation or warranty work.  Your feedback is extremely important to us and allows us to access your processes and improve our products and services so we can better serve you.


Find Solutions and Place an Order
  •   Pennsylvania Correctional Industries can help you identify the product or service that is right for your needs
  •   View our Online Catalog
  •   Call PCI Customer Service at 717.425.7292
  •   E-mail:
  •   Contact your PCI Sales Representative.  If you do not know who your Sales Representative is, please call 717.425.7292 and the contact information will be given to you