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Virtual Visitation Program

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) hosts the Virtual Visitation Program in cooperation with Scotland Yard Security Services. This program gives inmates, placed in a correctional institution a long distance from their home, the chance to visit via videoconferencing with their families.

DOC Virtual Visitation Centers

The Allegheny Business Center
2243 West Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19132
Phone: 215.320.5510

5001 Baum Boulevard, Suite 410
Pittsburgh, PA  15213
Phone: 412.687.4851

The Booker T. Washington Center
1720 Holland Street
Erie, PA 16503
Phone: 814.455.1097 or 1098

For more information about the program, contact Scotland Yard toll-free at: 1.877.658.8474.

Pennsylvania SCI Virtual Visitation Locations

Albion, Cambridge Springs, Coal Township, Dallas, Forest, Greene, Houtzdale, Mahanoy, Muncy and Pine Grove.

Inmate Participation

An inmate who wants to participate in the program needs to contact his or her prison's Virtual Visitation Facility Coordinator. A packet of information is given to the inmate to explain the policies and guidelines of the program. After admittance to the program, the inmate must sign an agreement to abide by the policy. Anyone on the inmate's approved visiting list may visit the inmate through virtual visitation.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program

How can family/loved ones visit?
Approved visitors of participating inmates can call ScotlandYard at 1.877.658.8474 and schedule an appointment. You must be on the inmate’s approved visiting list to participate.

How many people can visit at one time? 
ScotlandYard does not set limits. Please keep in mind that visiting rooms comfortably hold four adults and two children.

Can children and infants visit?
Absolutely. We encourage them to come with adult supervision. Also, they must have their birth certificate or a social security card as identification with them when they visit.

Do approved visitors need to bring ID?
YES. Adults should bring two forms of ID. One ID must have a photo. Children and infants must also have proper ID. Passports, driver’s licenses, non-driver IDs, social security cards, birth certificates, medical insurance cards and voter registration cards are accepted. No one will be admitted without proper ID.

Where do visits take place?
The three locations are listed above under DOC Virtual Visitation Centers.

What time should visitors arrive?
Visitors should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the visit to complete paperwork.

How long are the visits?
Visits last 55 minutes.

How much does it cost?
$20 for each visit (paid by cash/money order/credit card/PayPal)

What other rules apply during visits?
Cell phones are NOT permitted. You must abide by ALL visiting guidelines established by the DOC or you risk removal from being an approved visitor. Eating, drinking and smoking are also not permitted in the visitation room.