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Transportation Services

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- Questions about services should be directed to the appropriate organization/company.
Approved Transportation Service Providers 
Provider Email Business Address Telephone SCI's destinations Pick up Location
Blakeney Transportation                A6411149 PO Box 7153                                     Elkins Park, PA 19027 267-574-6161 CAM, COA, DAL, FRS, FRA, GRN, GRA, HOU, HUN, LAU, MAH, MUN, PNG, RET, ROC, SMI, SMR, WAM Broad & Olney, 30th & Market, Broad & Erie
Brelyn Transportation LLC Philadelphia, PA 215-730-5655 ALL SCI'S EXCEPT GRN, ALB, AND QUE Door to Door locally & 69th & Market St.
Bridging the Gap Transportation                       A6415215
PO Box 12577
Philadelphia Pa 19151
215-439-7120   Door to Door
Central PA Transport                       A6415980                        York, PA 717-889-1855 ALL SCI's  York, Lancaster, Harrisburg
Duals Round Trip Transportation      A6417539 Philadelphia, PA 215-668-7527 All SCI's Door to Door
Family Coach Bus Connection-Non Profit Philadelphia, PA 267-362-9676 All SCI's 30th & Market
Family Services of Western PA  Pittsburgh, PA 15206    412-661-1670 Ext 628 ALB, CBS, BEN, ROC, CAM, COA, MUN, HUN, SMI, HOU,LAU, SMR, DAL, RET, GRN, FYT, FRS, FRA, MAH, GRA 5th & Ross
Family Ties LLC                              A6414268 Upper Darby, PA 215-327-0064   Broad & Olney
Halal Traveling LLC                            A6418075 Philadelphia, PA 215-868-9092 All SCI's except Quehanna Boot Camp Broad & Olney, Progress Plaza, 15th & Market St, 30th St Station
Hargrove transportation                     A6417759 email Newark, DE 267-454-5718 BEN, LAU, CAM, MAH, COA, MUN, DAL, PNG, FYT, RET, FRS, WAY, GRA, ROC, GRN, SMI, HOU, SMR, HUN Broad & Snyder avenue, Broad & Washington avenue, Broad & Market, Broad & Girard Avenue, and Broad & Erie Avenue 
J&W Transportation/ SD Transit       A6412136            Philadelphia, PA 412-589-2010 MER, SMR, GRN, FYT Edgewood Towne Centre
K&S Shuttles                                   A6417890   Philadelphia, PA 215-429-9204                  215-275-7869 DAL, RET, MAH, HUN, FRA, CAM, GRA, SMI, BEN, ROC Bridge and Pratt, Broad and Olney, and 4th & Market
Knox Transportation                      A6417033 Philadelphia, PA 267-816-7033 CHS, GRA, RET, DAL, COA, MUN, LAU, SMR CALL
Lindsay Transit, LLC                     A6410127 P.O. Box 252                               Glenside, PA 19038 215-657-2406   Philadelphia
Love 1's Transportation LLC         A6416425 Norwood, PA 267-272-7364 All SCI's Broad & Snyder,  Elmwood Ave & Island Ave
M.W. E. Transport                                        A6418104 Philadelphia, PA 215-600-9477 All SCI's 69th & Market,                             30th & Market,              Broad & Olney
Mao & ED Bus Service                    A6416880 Philadelphia, PA 1-888-228-9115 GRA, FRA, MAH, CAM, COA, DAL, RET, HUN, SMI, ROC, BEN, HOU, LAU, SMR  door to door
Mountain High Trans                       A6411700 Philadelphia, PA 215.224.3506 CAM, COA, FRA, GRA, HOU,HUN, MAH, MUN, ROC  Broad & Olney, Broad & Erie, 30th & Market
Network Connect Tours, LLC                       A6415660 Kunkletown, PA 484-788-5888 All SCI's Monroe, Northhampton & Philadelphia
New First Class Transportation Allentown, PA 610-820-5252 All SCI's 1444 Hamilton Street
PA Prison Society 245 N. Broad Street                           Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-564-4775/800-227-2307 All SCI's 30th and Market Streets
Premier Ride/                                                 Mondial Motors LLC A6415050 Lansdowne, PA 267-603-3526 ALB. CBS, CAM, CHS, COA, DAL, FRA, GRA, GRN, HOU, HUN, LAU, MAH, MER, MUN, PNG, PIT, RET, ROC, SMI, SMR, WAY 69th St Terminal     30th and Market        Broad and Hunting Park
Ride & Rebuild, LLC                        A6413343 P.O. Box 28782                                 Philadehphia, PA 19151 267-776-4439 GRA, CAM, DAL, RET, FRA, MAH, COA, ROC, HOU, HUN, SMI, SMR, LAU, BEN  69th & Market, 30th & Market, Broad & Hunting Park
Ride Along Transportation              A6418056 Philadelphia, PA 1-888-959-0841 All SCI's except Quehanna Boot Camp Door to Door
Rowland Enterprises LLC                A6417842 Carlisle, PA 717-961-9972 All SCI's Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Reading and Philly area
Tony's Transit                                  A6415796                            Philadelphia, PA 267-949-6364 GRA, FRA, COA, CAM, DAL, RET, MUN, HUN, SMI, ROC, BEN, HOU, LAU, SMR                                                                                                   Broad & Olney, 30th St Station, Cheltingham & Ogonz
Visitors Connection LLC/           David Tours A-640698 Philadelphia, PA 724-241-8704 CHS, DAL, FYT, GRA, HUN, ROC, SMR Door to Door, 30th St. Phila
We Connect Transportation LLC      A6418295 Philadelphia, PA 215-776-6985 All SCI's Door to Door
Wheeler Transportation LLC A120552  Philadelphia PA, 19140   215-221-1888 COA, MAH, FRA,FRS, GRA, PIT, HUN, SMI, DAL, RET, SMR, HOU, ROC, BEN Broad & Erie, 30th & Market
Wheels Take You There                A6416237 Philadelphia, PA 267-244-4848 CAM, GRA, SMR 56th & Chestnut/            Broad & Allegheny
Updated: November 2017