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How To Email an Inmate      

On March 15, 2016, the Department of Corrections began using GTL for the sending of emails to inmates.
To learn more about this GTL service, visit the GTL website. 
On this page you also will:
- link to ConnectNetwork (which is the access portal and where you can create an account and also log into your account once set up)
- obtain message credit information, and
- access a Frequently Asked Questions document.
The DOC is not responsible for setting up accounts or for trouble shooting any issues a user may have. 
Individuals with questions should contact GTL Customer Service directly at 1-877-650-4249.
Individuals wishing to seek a refund from JPAY (the previous provider of these services) should reach out directly to JPAY.
NOTE:  JPAY still remains the vendor responsible for coordinating inmate accounts.  Go here to learn more about that service.
This page is intended to provide information to help families and friends of inmates when it comes corresponding with an inmate by email.
Friends and family members who have questions can send an email to: 
(Please remember that the DOC is not responsible for all aspects of inmate email.  Check with GTL first and then email the DOC.) 
You can contact GTL at:  1-877-650-4249 – GTL Friends and Family Customer Service
 This page was last updated on 09/13/2017