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DOC-PBPP Consolidation


NEWS RELEASE:  Gov Wolf Will Consolidate DOC and PBPP Functions (10/19/2017)

Memorandum of Understanding

Table of Organization

Secretary Wetzel Message to ALL employees (10/18/2017) 

​What's New?
DOC & PBPP employees Participate in Meeting
October 23, 2017
Today officials from both the DOC and PBPP gathered at the DOC Training Academy to discuss rumors and concerns about the consolidation of community supervision and reentry services.  They also reviewed the project charter and provided input on things that may be missing from that document.
A project charter is a project management tool used to outline to scope of a projectto ensure everyone involved in it is reading from the same page.  It provides background, objectives, a listing of needed committee areas, an estimated project timeline and things that could serves as risks.
Everyone provided input, and the project charter will be updated and will be included on this intranet page as soon as it is finalized.  In addition, the DOC will provide an updated table of organization that is more detailed and that shows clear chains of command.
Also, comments from Secretary Wetzel were posted to the DOC's Facebook page:  Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  When you have time, from your personal devices, please take a few moments to watch the videos, because Secretary Wetzel addresses some of the rumors raised by meeting participants. 


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