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SCI Phoenix


1200 Mokychic Drive
Collegeville, PA  19426


Superintendent:  Cynthia Link 

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This facility is presently under construction and is anticipated to be completed/opened during the summer of 2018.
SCI Phoenix is a 3,830-bed facility situated on the property of SCI Graterford.  This state-of-the-art facility was designed to replace the aging SCI Graterford, which was built in 1929.  SCI Phoenix’s unique model is comprised of two prototypical correctional facilities featuring one shared Administration/Support Building.  Both East and West sides of SCI Phoenix have a Program Services Building, CI shops, Commissary, Property, and Maintenance.  
SCI Phoenix also features a 192-bed Female Transition Unit (FTU), which is located outside the perimeter of SCI Phoenix.  This unit will focus on reentry and family reunification.
An offering of treatment, educational, vocational and recreational programs will be available to the inmate population, as well as numerous specialty units which include a Secure Residential Treatment Unit, Residential Treatment Unit, a Therapeutic Community, a Transitional Housing Unit, Veteran’s Service Unit, a Special Assessment Unit, a Special Observation Unit and a Diversionary Treatment Unit.


Ø  On the same grounds as SCI Graterford, totaling 1726.42 acres
Ø  Total Acreage inside fence - 164
Ø  1.5 mile perimeter
Ø  Maximum Security Prison
Ø  Design - two prototypical correctional facilities featuring one shared Administration/Centralized Service Building
Ø  Subdivides into two separate sections of the facility – “East” and “West”
Ø  The Centralized Service Building houses Admin, Medical and Food Service, serving both East and West sides
Ø  The construction of SCI Phoenix is a collaboration of Chicago-based construction company, Walsh Construction, and Atlanta-based construction company, Heery Construction
Ø  Approximate price of construction is $400 million
Ø  The facility has 1,200 full-time employees. 
Ø  Replaces SCI Graterford, which will be “mothballed”
Ø  Some administration offices will continue to be utilized at SCI Graterford, including Business and HR
Ø  Improved safety and security
Ø  Better serves the needs of a long-term population
Ø  Provides additional space for educational, vocational programs
Ø  Uses Energy efficient LED motion censored lights
Ø  Bed Capacity - 3,830
Housing Units
Ø  Total of 15 housing units within the perimeter with bed capacity of 282 in each
8 Housing Units on the West
7 Housing Units on the East
Ø  East will primarily house parole violators, new receptions; West will house general population inmates
Ø  4 Security Level 5 Housing Units (2 on each side)
            Each housing - 182
Ø  Outside Service Unit (OSU) built in 2002
            Houses 145
Ø  Capital Unit (EAST)
Includes 96-cell unit
Over 1/3 of state’s capital cases are from the Philadelphia
Moving capital cases closer to Philadelphia will reduce court related costs/escorts
Female Transitional Unit
Ø  First of its kind in PA
Ø  Bed capacity of 192
Ø  On property, but not inside perimeter
Ø  Nearly 1/3 the state's female inmates are from Philadelphia and surrounding counties
Ø  Will focus on reentry and reunification with family
Ø  Inmates will be closer to home to enable reconnecting with family prior to release
Ø  Currently there are two state prisons housing female offenders - SCI Muncy and SCI Cambridge Springs
Program Service Buildings
Ø  Separate Program Service Buildings on both East and West
Ø  Non-denominational chapel providing Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islam, Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Services Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, Episcopalian, as well as Native American Services
Ø  More than 30 classrooms for vocational and educational
Ø  Barber shop
Ø  Mural Arts Program
Ø  Gym
Ø  School
Adult Basic Education
                        Vocational Classes
Barbering School, Custodial Maintenance, International Computer Driving License, Carpentry, Restaurant Professions & Serv Safe, Warehouse Operations, Pre Vocational, and Money Smart.                        
Law Library
Recreational Library
Ø  Programs
Alcohol and Other Drugs
                        Dual Diagnosis Groups
                        Relapse Prevention
                        AA and NA Support Meetings
                        Violence Prevention
Sex Offender Treatment
Victim Awareness
Impact of Crime
Correctional Industries
Ø  Laundry (WEST)
Employs between 50-70 inmate laundry workers
Provides laundry services for Eastern Region SCIs, as well other state agencies including:
Ø  SCI Phoenix East and West
Ø  SCI Chester
Ø  SCI Camp Hill
Ø  York County Prison
Ø  Delaware Veterans Center
Ø  Hamburg State Hospital
Ø  Norristown State Hospital
Ø  Southeastern Veterans Center
Ø  Wernersville State Hospital
Ø  Garment Factory (EAST)
Baseball caps winter twill and summer mesh in brown and gray
Inmate pants and shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve in brown (gen population), navy blue jeans and chambray blue shirts (new receptions), white (kitchen), royal blue (mental health)
Insulated coveralls for staff and inmates
Hot pads and oven mitts
Ø  Shoe Factory (EAST)
Men’s work boot
Women’s oxford shoe
Commissary boot


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