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DOC Leadership

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Send mail to:  1920 Technology Parkway, Mechanicsburg, PA  17050 
John E. Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections (717) 728-4109
     Amie Whitman, Executive Secretary (717) 728-4123

     Deb Sahd, Special Assistant/Grievance Office/Videoconference Coordinator (717) 728-4109 
     Janet Kelley, Special Assistant/Inmate Family Relations Coordinator (717) 728-4028
     Amy Schwenk, Special Assistant/Project Manager  (717) 728-4107
Shirley Moore Smeal, Executive Deputy Secretary (717) 728-4110
Diane Kashmere, Statewide Policy Coordinator (717) 728-4110
     Robert Hammond, Staff Assistant (717) 728-3504
     Ryan Yoder, Statewide Veterans Coordinator (717) 728-2038
Michael Wenerowicz, Deputy Secretary Eastern Region (717) 728-4122 or 4123
     Jennifer Pawling, Staff Assistant (717) 728-4118
     Jeff Reuscher, Staff Assistant (717) 728-4114
     Leesa Neece, Security Captain (717) 728-4126
Tabb Bickell, Deputy Secretary Central Region (717) 728-4122 or 4123
     Vacant, Staff Assistant (717) 728-4115
     Mike Rowe, Staff Assistant (717) 728-4117
     Theodore Carter, Security Captain (717) 728-4125
Steve Glunt, Deputy Secretary Western Region (717) 728-4122 or 4123
     Angel Baez-Sprague, Staff Assistant (717) 728-4113
     Renee Foulds, Staff Assistant (717) 728-4116
     Rodney Painter, Security Captain (717) 728-4124
Christopher Oppman, Deputy Secretary for Administration (717) 728-4122 or 4123
     Ron Morrison, Staff Assistant to Deputy Oppman (717) 728-4112
(Bureaus/Offices are listed alphabetically by their names) 
Administration - Harry Jones, Director (717) 728-4037
This bureau is responsible for all of the Department of Corrections' budget and fiscal matters.  It also is responsible for management and administrative service activities, such as office management, procurement, automotive services, voice communications, grant financial reporting, inventory and property management and travel services. 
Chief Counsel - Theron Perez, (717) 728-7763
The Department of Corrections receives legal advice and legal services from attorneys assigned to Office of Chief Counsel for the Department of Corrections.  The Office of Chief Counsel reports to the Governor’s Office of General Counsel. 
Community Corrections - George Little, Director (717) 728-4060
Responsible for residential facilities located in various Pennsylvania communities. These facilities, also known as half-way houses, provide a transitional process by allowing residents monitored contact with jobs and educational opportunities. The facilities house inmates granted parole by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole or those serving a State Intermediate Punishment sentence. The department also contracts with private vendors to provide specialized treatment and supervision service.
Correctional Industries - William Sprenkle, Director (717) 425-7292
A bureau within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections --  Correctional Industries (CI) is tasked with operating factories within DOC institutions to provide inmates with vocational training and work experience in order to:  reduce inmate idleness while incarcerated, to assist with an inmate’s successful reentry following release from prison and to reduce inmate recidivism by providing them the work skills to find and keep meaningful employment.  CI operates without support of the state General Fund and is financially self-supporting through the sale of its products to Commonwealth agencies, other public sector entities, educational and non-profit organizations. 
Education - Terri Fazio, Director (717) 728-2007
Responsible for directing, monitoring and assisting state prisons in the delivery of educational, vocational and library services. This bureau also ensures that inmates are provided with an opportunity to receive instruction in basic skills and special education that can lead to a GED or a Commonwealth secondary diploma.  Click here to view a document that details education programs at each state prison.
Vocational programs offered at various DOC prisons:
Auto Mechanics/Technology
Business Education
Computer Technology
Construction Fundamentals
Custodial Maintenance
Electricity (Electrician)
Fiber Optics
Gas Piping
Green Environment Ed.
Home Economics
Machine Shop
Optical Assistant
Print Shop
Restaurant Trades
Warehouse Operations
Equal Employment - Tiffany Epoca, Director (717) 728-2570
This office develops and monitors the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programs, monitors contract compliance programs, investigates allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment, monitors equal employment in all personnel transactions and policies and promotes diverse recruitment activities.  It is responsible for developing the bi-annual Department of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity plan, the annual Agency Equal Employment Opportunity plan for the Governor’s Office of Administration and the annual Contract Compliance plan for the Department of General Services.
Health Care - Joseph J. Silva, Director (717) 728-5309
This bureau is responsible for supervising and monitoring the delivery of all medical/dental care services and food service operations throughout the state correctional system. These services are provided at a level consistent with community standards through continuous quality improvement processes, coordinating services with other department bureaus and offices and through networking with support services from applicable community and state agencies.
Health Care Systems Advocate - Kimberlee Drum (717) 728-4134
This office, which was created in 2016 and reports directly to the secretary of corrections, ensures that inmates get the health care treatment they should while in prison.  Working independently from the DOC's Office of Health Care Services, the health care advocate complements the DOC's already-existing checks and balances while also ensuring that inmates/reentrants are connected with services upon release from prison. 
Human Resources - Ty Stanton, Director (717) 728-2009
This bureau establishes overall policy and procedures for implementing the department’s comprehensive personnel program while ensuring compliance in the areas of staffing, classification and pay, promotion, employee benefits, personnel transactions and payroll, placement/recruitment and labor relations.  This bureau also provides guidance on the management of human resources to the secretary and other senior staff of the department.
Information Technology - Dustin Rhoads, Director (717) 728-0342
This bureau, which is comprised of three divisions (Enterprise Systems Division, Applications Division and Technology Infrastructure Division), is responsible for providing project management, applications systems development and support services, desktop services and infrastructure services and support, to the Department of Corrections, the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, the Sexual Offender Assessment Board, the Office of Victim Advocate and the Firearm Education and Training Commission.
Mental Health Advocate - Lynn Patrone, (717) 728-4133
This office, which was created in 2015 and reports directly to the secretary of corrections, ensures that offenders get the treatment they should while in prison.  Working independently from the DOC's Psychology Office, the mental health advocate complements the DOC's already-existing checks and balances while also ensuring that offenders are connected with benefits upon their release from prison.
Operations - Norman Klinikowski, Acting Director (717) 728-0375
This bureau works cooperatively with the Department of General Services and the Department of Labor & Industry for the planning and administering of all facility maintenance, construction/renovation and capital projects, facility buildings as well as land use, surplus property and the department’s safety and environmental program.  The bureau also oversees ongoing projects completed by each facility for PennDOT under the Agility Program.  The bureau provides annual facility inspections to ensure compliance with appropriate policies and state and local codes while monitoring the safety practices of staff and inmates.
Planning, Research & Statistics - Bret Bucklen, Ph.D., Director (717) 728-4051
Responsible for directing all planning and research activities within the department and provides detailed data analysis to assist decision-making and short- and long-term planning efforts. It also is responsible for coordinating the department’s reentry efforts.
Psychology Office - Dr. Robert Marsh, Director (717) 728-2096
This office, which was created in early 2014 to separate psychology and psychiatry services from the DOC's Bureau of Health Care Services, is responsible for oversight of mental health and psychiatric services delivered to inmates. This office also is responsible for supervision of the DOC's mental health program manager and four regional licensed psychologist managers. The director of this office reports to the DOC's executive deputy secretary. 
Office of Policy, Grants and Legislative Affairs - Diana Woodside, Director (717) 728-4119
This office is responsible for assisting the Governor’s Policy and Legislative Affairs Offices with corrections-related issues.  Staff works closely with legislators and tracks legislation with potential impact on the DOC and criminal justice matters; as well as addresses all corrections-related concerns from constituents of legislators.   The office also works with outside agencies to advance the governor’s criminal justice policy agenda, as well as develop and promote the Department of Corrections’ initiatives and policy agenda.  Additionally, the office oversees all DOC grant activity, including letters of support to outside agencies, grant writing in conjunction with staff and researching funding opportunities.  It will also continue to serve as the final appeal level for publications under the DC-ADM 803.
Population Management and Sentence Computation - William Nicklow, Director (717) 728-2817
Population Management is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the inmate population, enabling department officials to successfully manage institution populations. This is accomplished by providing for the quick and efficient movement of inmates based on sound security practices, programming needs, medical, mental health and behavioral needs. This office assesses, analyzes and prepares for the future trends of corrections so that the DOC is ready to meet those needs as they develop. The DOC's inmate transportation and bed management systems are overseen by this office. Centralized Records and Computation Unit is responsible for sentence computation for all inmate receptions, sentence status changes for certified sentences of incarcerated inmates; and administration of the Interstate Corrections Compact, International Prisoner Treaty and witness protection programs.
Press Office - Susan McNaughton, Communications Director (717) 728-4025; Amy Worden, Press Secretary (717) 728-4026
This office is responsible for responding to news media requests for information about department policies, procedures, programs, employees and the inmates it incarcerates.  It also is responsible for managing the department's social media accounts, drafting and distributing press releases and managing the DOC's website.  Press Office employees also provide guidance and instruction to institutional staff charged with the responsibilities of serving as public information officers. Members of this office also report to the Governor’s Communications/Press Office.
Lacosta Mussoline ~ Eastern Region Reentry Administrator ~ (717) 728-4108
(This region includes the following facilities:  Benner Township, Camp Hill, Chester, Coal Township, Dallas, Frackville, Graterford, Huntingdon, Mahanoy, Muncy, Retreat, Rockview, Smithfield and Waymart and Harrisburg CCC, Phila. CCCs #2 and #4, Scranton CCC, Wernersville/Pathways CCC and York CCC.)
Janeen Christ ~ Western Region Reentry Administrator ~ (717) 728-2090
(This region includes the following facilities:  Albion, Cambridge Springs, Fayette, Forest, Greene, Houtzdale, Laurel Highlands, Mercer, Quehanna, Pine Grove, Pittsburgh and Somerset and Johnstonw, Riverside, Pittsburgh, Erie and Sharon CCCs.)
Office of Special Investigations and Intelligence - James Barnacle, Director (717) 728-2033
This office investigates staff corruption and inmate abuse, serves as the point of contact for outside law enforcement and intelligence agencies and conducts background investigations of candidates for employment with the Department of Corrections.
Standards, Audits and Accreditation - Carole Mattis, Director (717) 728-4098
Established July 20, 2015, this bureau is responsible for Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) compliance, County Inspections and Services, and Standards, Policies and Internal Audits Division.  The mission of this newly-established bureau is to direct, manage and implement statewide policies and procedures designed to maintain appropriate accreditation, monitor compliance of county facilities with Title 37, and ensure departmental compliance with PREA.
PREA Compliance Division - David Radziewicz, Division Chief (717) 728-4135
The PREA Compliance Division is responsible for ensuring that the department, including the Bureau of Community Corrections, enforces a zero-tolerance standard to elliminate incidences of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and retaliation while achieving compliance with the standards of the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).  This effort includes the implementation of policy, prevention training, specialized training and education, knowledge of first responder duties, and data collection - all of which are developed and monitored by the PREA Compliance Division.   
For additional PREA information - click HERE
County Inspection & Services - Thomas Greishaw, Director (717) 728-4057
This office is responsible for maintaining a statewide program of independent field inspections of all county prisons. This inspection of each county prison is conducted at a minimum of every 12 months and a maximum of every 24 months.  Inspections determine prison compliance with controlling Commonwealth statutes and regulations. The office of County Inspections and Services provides technical services to any requesting county prison regarding the interpretation of Pennsylvania Code Title 37, Chapter 95, and resources or recommendations for “best practices.”
Standards, Policies & Internal Audits - VACANT, Chief (717) 728-4095
Responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining departmental policies; coor­dinating the accreditation process for all facilities; conducting internal audits of specific areas of operation; compiling audits for all central office bureaus for submission to the deputy secretaries; and overseeing the DOC's Records Retention Program.

Security Division - - Scott T. Bowman, Major/Chief of Security (717) 728-3900
This division is responsible for developing and implementing security policies/procedures for emergency preparedness; conducting staffing surveys for all facilities, the Drug Interdiction Unit; Special Response Teams (Hostage Rescue Teams, Hostage Negotiations Teams, Corrections Emergency Response Teams and Corrections Rifle Specialist Teams); and coordinating and monitoring external and internal inspections. This division also serves as a resource for all statewide facility security offices.
Training Academy - Michael Dooley, Director (717) 367-9070
This office is responsible for overseeing the entire department’s staff training and for operating and managing the department’s Training Academy.  The academy develops, implements and provides pre-service, in-service and out-service training of all department employees. Training is provided to state and county employees ranging from basic training (required for all new state corrections employees) to management-level courses, instructor courses and specialized courses. This office also hosts conferences, seminars and courses sponsored by other Commonwealth and public agencies.  Each fiscal year more than 6,000 state and county employees are trained in more than 250 courses consisting of more than 100 separate subjects.
Treatment Services - Tracy Smith, Director (717) 728-2000
The bureau is responsible for directing, monitoring and assisting state correctional facilities in the assess­ment of inmate needs and in the delivery of inmate treatment programs. These include: religion and family services; volunteers; casework and counseling programs and services; alcohol and other drug treatment services; inmate classifi­cation and risk/needs assessment; diagnostic and classification process; and pardons services. Extensive programs that address alcohol and other drug addiction, sex offenses, violence prevention, criminal thinking, domestic violence and victim awareness are standard in all institutions.  Specialized programs focus on areas relevant to specific populations, such as female offenders, parole violators, special needs offenders and long-term offenders.
        PowerPoint Presentation:  Overview of the DOC's Substance Related and Addictive Disorders Section (posted 08/27/2015)
Veterans Coordinator - Ryan Yoder, Statewide Veterans Coordinator (717) 728-2038
 Victim Advocate
 NOTE:  Effective Dec. 14, 2015, all employees of this office joined their PBPP counterparts forming one combined Office of Victim Advocate and relocated to a building in Harrisburg.  Office of Victim Advocate staff can be reached at these phone numbers:  800-563-6399 or (717) 787-5699. 
Pennsylvania's Victim Advocate is Jennifer Storm.  OVA's website is
Responsible for ensuring that the department complies with the mandates of The Pennsylvania Crime Victims Bill of Rights, amended by Act 86 of 2000. The office is responsible for providing registered victims with notification of an inmate’s consideration for parole by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, inmate’s death, transfer to a boot camp, transfer to a mental health facility outside the jurisdiction of the department, escape and/or recapture.  The office also coordinates a mediation program for victims of violent crime and the Impact of Crime Class that is taught in all 27 state correctional institutions.
SCI Albion
Supt. Michael Clark
10745 Route 18
Albion, PA  16475-0001
(814) 756-5778
SCI Benner Township
Supt. Tammy Ferguson
301 Institution Drive
Bellefonte, PA 16823
(814) 353-3630
SCI Cambridge Springs
Supt. Joanne Torma
451 Fullerton Avenue
Cambridge Springs, PA  16403
(814) 398-5400
SCI Camp Hill
Supt. Laurel Harry
P.O. Box 8837 (Staff)
P.O. Box 200 (Inmates)
Camp Hill, PA  17001-8837 (Staff Zip Code)
Camp Hill, PA  17001-0200 (Inmate Zip Code)
(717) 737-4531
SCI Chester
Supt. Marirosa Lamas
500 E. 4th Street
Chester, PA 19013-4551
(610) 490-5412
SCI Coal Township
Supt. Thomas McGinley
1 Kelley Drive
Coal Township, PA  17866-1020
(570) 644-7890
SCI Dallas
Supt. Lawrence Mahally
1000 Follies Road
Dallas, PA  18612
(570) 675-1101
SCI Fayette
Supt. Jay Lane
50 Overlook Drive
LaBelle, PA  15450-1050
(724) 364-2200
SCI Forest
Supt. Michael Overmyer
P.O. Box 307, 286 Woodland Drive (Staff)
P.O. Box 945 (Inmates)
Marienville, PA  16239-0307
(814) 621-2110
SCI Frackville
Supt. Kathy Brittain
1111 Altamont Boulevard
Frackville, PA 17931-2699
(570) 874-4516
SCI Graterford
Supt. Cynthia Link
P.O. Box 246, Route 29 (Staff)
P.O. Box 244 (Inmates)
Graterford, PA 19426-0246
(610) 489-4151
SCI Greene
Supt. Robert D. Gilmore
169 Progress Drive (Staff)
175 Progress Drive (Inmates)
Waynesburg, PA 15370
(724) 852-2902
SCI Houtzdale
Supt. Barry Smith
P.O. Box 1000
209 Institution Drive
Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000
(814) 378-1000
SCI Huntingdon
Supt. Kevin Kauffman
1100 Pike Street
Huntingdon, PA  16654-1112
(814) 643-2400
SCI Laurel Highlands
Supt. Jamey Luther
P.O. Box 631
5706 Glades Pike
Somerset, PA 15501-0631
(814) 445-6501
SCI Mahanoy
Supt. Theresa DelBalso 
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA  17932
(570) 773-2158
SCI Mercer
Supt. Brian Thompson
801 Butler Pike
Mercer, PA 16137
(724) 662-1837
SCI Muncy
Supt. Robert Smith
Box 180  Route 405
Muncy, PA 17756-0180
(570) 546-3171
SCI Pine Grove
Supt. Eric Bush
189 Fyock Road (Staff)
191 Fyock Road (Inmates)
Indiana, PA  15701-6542
(724) 465-9630
SCI Pittsburgh
Supt. Mark Capozza
3001 Beaver Avenue (Staff)
P.O. Box 99991 (Inmates)
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(412) 761-1955
Quehanna Boot Camp
Supt. Mary Natoli
4395 Quehanna Hwy (Staff)
4510 Quehanna Hwy (Inmates)
Karthaus, PA  16845-9714
(814) 263-4125
SCI Retreat
Supt. Vincent Mooney
660 State Route 11
Hunlock Creek, PA 18621-3136
(570) 735-8754
SCI Rockview
Supt. Mark Garman
Box A
1 Rockview Place
Bellefonte, PA 16823
(814) 355-4874
SCI Smithfield
Supt. Eric Tice
P.O. Box 999, 1120 Pike Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652
(814) 643-6520
SCI Somerset
Supt. Trevor Wingard
1590 Walters Mill Road (Staff Mail)
1600 Walters Mill Road (Inmates)
Somerset, PA 15510-0001
(814) 443-8100
*Package deliveries for SCI Somerset inmates and staff:  5706 Glades Pike, Somerset, PA 15501

SCI Waymart
Supt. Jack Sommers
P.O. Box 256
Waymart, PA 18472
(570) 488-5811
Training Academy
Director Michael Dooley
1451 North Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022-1299
(717) 367-9070
George Little, Director, Bureau of Community Corrections (717) 728-4060
     Luis Resto, Deputy Director Programs and Administration (717) 728-4068
     Teresa Pinard, Deputy Director Facilities Management (717) 728-4067
     Daniel McIntyre, Deputy Director Security (717) 728-4163
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